Saturday, November 22, 2014

15 Trendy Kids Winter Boots

Winter is one of my favorite seasons because you get to put your favorite winter boots on and what I like to do is pick a similar pair for Belle so we can match #everymomsdream , I know it’s cheesy #blamemeifyouwant. 

Living in California, we don’t see a lot of snow, unless we go to the mountains so I can easily pick boots that are not waterproof and that will be okay. This winter, we are going to spend Christmas and New Years in the beautiful country of Netherlands, which means that we need to find a good pair of boots that will keep Belle’s feet warm and dry. So whenever you pick a pair of boots for your little one make your selections based on the climate where you live or where you are going to spend the winter.

These 15 pair of kids winter boots are so trendy and with a variety like that you can find any type of boot for any type of weather or function.

Which pair is your favorite? Click the side arrows to view all boots, or click on them to go to the store where you can find more information about each pair.

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