Friday, June 13, 2014

6 healthy dinner recipes for busy moms (videos)

Being a mom is not an easy job. It's a full time position and if on top of that you are a working mom your schedule is probably pretty busy. Here are my top 7 easy and healthy recipes for working moms that will save you all the time in the world.

1. Salmon with Red Pepper Pesto. - It takes only 20 minutes and it's delicious. See the video below to see how to make it.

2. Sesame Ginger Grilled Chicken - This is such an easy recipe. It's super easy and if you don't love sesame you can substitute it with olive oil or peanut oil.

3. Southwest Veggie Burgers - All I have to say is that you must try this.

4. New King Ranch Casserole - Healthier version of the traditional Texas dish. Enjoy!

5. Vegetable Lasagna Recipe - Vegetable lasagna with zuccini, yellow squash and roasted red peppeps in a light tomato sauce and assembled with noodles and cheese.

6. Chicken with Wild Mushroom Saute - Delicious seasonal grilled chicken on top of a wild mushroom saute. Yum!

Which recipes are you going to try?
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