Monday, November 11, 2013

Favorite Dry Shampoo (Mom to Mom)

KMS California
Hair play Makeover Spray 

I have used many dry shampoos, some with success and some without. This one uses rice powder to leave your hair with great texture and oil absorption. I know some people are not very happy with the light smell but I love it. It smells like fruit and it adds a fresh scent on your hair.

I personally wash my hair every 2 days. Washing your hair everyday will fade the color and it’s not good for your hair, so I end up using KMS Dry Shampoo every other day. It doesn’t leave your hair all powdery like other dry shampoos I’ve tried. It also helps when styling your hair. The price is definitely worth it. You can get it from Ulta and you can view
all KMS products here.
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